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The Hunger Games Series

by Suzanne Collins
4.5 stars

Overall, I loved this series. I bought it because everyone had been raving about it. I kind of dismissed the comment and went to find out what was so good about this series. They were so good. These books were gripping and I couldn’t put them down. I originally didn’t read too much young adult but recently I have been reading more and more. It’s been a good phase so far.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games #1

The Hunger Games was fantastic. I thought it was brilliant, original and fast-paced. That was the kind of book I had been looking for. An action packed world with a kick-ass female character. One thing that annoys me about YA in general is that the world’s often seem unrealistic and the romance usually makes me want to vomit. This one didn’t have that effect. Sure there was a love triangle but to me I think it’s more of a third wheel approach (at least to me it was obvious who Katniss would choose). Romance isn’t the height of the book which I enjoy, the main focus is the action and gripping plot.

First one is a definite 5 out of 5. I recommend it to all.

Catching Fire

The Hunger Games #2

Catching Fire was good. I didn’t really like it that much compared to the first. I felt like it let me down. I don’t want to spoil anything but I felt like the plot could have ventured in a better direction. It definitely felt like a transition book, it covers important events but it just didn’t suck me in like the first book did. I had to keep reading because of my favorite characters and the plot was still enjoyable but I was just annoyed at the direction of the story. It all makes much more sense at the end but it plot still irked me. After such a ground-breaking book #1 I thought #2 was going to be ground breaking too. It was still good but only because it had #1 to back it up.

A 3 out of 5.


The Hunger Games #3

Mockingay takes a bit of time to process. I have read many people giving negative reviews for this book or at least rating this novel the worst of the three. I have to disagree, I really enjoyed it. Much more than two. The plot was brilliant. I think that some events that were summarized shouldn’t have been and vice versa but I didn’t feel like that truly effected the story or my reading journey. The main thing that I loved from this bloody-action war novel was the depressing themes. It was dark. Anyone who reads my Picture it & write posts know that I generally write dark. But I also think it’s fitting. The romance I think was a little downplayed, especially considering how it was a YA novel (where romance seems to flourish) and it was pushed in the first/second novel .

The ending left me… blank. And it wasn’t blank in a negative way it was that I was trying to process everything that happened. I reread the last passages numerous times to try and absorb the remnants of story. Those last paragraphs should have been extended because they were so rich with content.

The characters change a lot. My favourite character was Peeta without a doubt but I also liked Katniss. The characters from the first novel aren’t the ones from the third but I think that’s also appropiate. Many people think that Katniss (our main character) becomes too cold, too distant but I think that’s appropiate for the events that occur. War changes people. I loved the ending because I had such mixed feelings. Happiness, sadness. It felt real, a story of the broken. No fairy tale endings. It wasn’t the cliche YA read I thought I was going to get. It has made me think about what happened. It makes me think how war would change me, how much of the original me would be left? While it wasn’t a perfect conclusion to the series(MINOR SPOILER: I hated having to hear more about clothing, getting ready for events, food, many passing out scenes) I think it did a great job at captivating me as a reader and providing me a satisfying end.

A 4.5 out of 5.

Looking out for a new action-packed YA series? The Hunger Games Series is a definite must for those who read YA and for those who don’t. It’s on my most recently updated ‘Promote these books to everyone’ list.

What does anyone else think? Like/love/hate The Hunger Games?

– Ermisenda Alvarez