Praise for Blind Sight

What are people saying about Blind Sight? Is it worth it to read both sides?

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“[It] is easy to get absorbed into the narrative from very early on – and stay there…  It is incredibly well paced and for that [Alvarez] should be commended.” -MG Mason, author of The Weight of Reason on Sweat, Tears, and Digital Ink; Read the full review.

“The pacing is spot on and it just oozes tension.” -Kyllan Brindle on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“[Blind Sight] has twists and turns, danger, mystery, and romance. From the very first page you are drawn into Leo’s adventure… A must read for any fantasy lover!” -Samantha on Faerie Tale Books; Read the full review.

Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes was an enthralling read… I highly recommend [it] for readers looking to get lost in a book that is a little bit different than everything else. There is mystery, magic, family, and a smidgen of romance all thrown together…” -Sharon the Librarian; Read the full review.

Blind Sight is a beautifully written novel that will keep readers at the edge of their seat.” -Justine on The YA Lit Chick; Read the full review.

“The best part about [Leocardo’s volume]: the end! Wow, just when I thought the cliffhanger in Aniela’s section was juicy, now I read about another one!” -Bellicose Black Cat; Read the full review.

“Coupled with a plot line combining fantastical magic powers, mysterious clues, a cast of quirky characters and subtle humour, a great little story is born… Blind Sight breaths new life into what can be a stale genre.” -Harriet Bell on Smashwords; Read the full review.

“I found the story very intriguing – it came across as a sort of fantasy take on the bermuda triangle type phenomenon. There was a lot of mystery that enveloped not only the origins of Edaion but many of the characters. I found myself thirsting for more information on Leocardo, Odette, the royal family and the other unique people that populated what turned out to be a decently crafted magical world. ” -Write Panic Live; Read the full review.

“The ending of the book surprised a lot. The tension was built up very nicely…” -Tim Oldenhuis on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“[Leocardo’s volume] has tons of “big brother” love (which I just adore – I’ve always wanted a protective and loving big brother!).” -Catherine on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a strong opening, because when it starts off slow I have to keep telling myself to finish the book, instead of wanting to finish the book because I couldn’t put it down. Not only did the book start off strong but it had a really good pace to it.” -Urban Fantasy reviews; Read the full review.

“What a fine, fine book this is with intriguing concepts in both its story and publication… [Leocardo’s volume’s] pages turn easily and often.” – Hubert O’Hearn at By the Books blog; Read the full review.

“Leo was a really lovable character and it was hard not to like him. He is so protective and loving towards his sister Odette, just like I would want my big brother to be if I had one.” -Rather Barefoot than Bookless; Read the full review.

“I felt the mood of the first few chapters matched my own feelings. I was confused and disoriented by the events in the story, but those feelings mostly cleared up the more that Leocardo learned about Edaion.” -The Happiness Complex; Read the full review.

“[Blind Sight] offered more diversity than I see in most fantasy books, which was great to see.” -Random Jordan; Read the full review.

“Curiosity got this cat, I’ll be reading the next one.” -Shannon on Find Stuff 2 Read; Read the full review.

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Possible Blind Sight cover

Blind Sight is a worthy contribution to the genre of YA fantasy.” -Karin Rita Gastreich, author of Eolyn; Read the full review.

Blind Sight is probably one of the most unique reads I have read this year… Highly recommended.” -Diana on Offbeat Vagabond; Read the full review.

“I didn’t have to really work to read [Blind Sight] because it flowed in a way that lead me from chapter to chapter without me even noticing that I had read that far. I would set a limit for myself, saying “Okay, just one chapter, and then you have to do your homework.” Yeah, needless to say, that didn’t work.” -ABC Book Nerd; Read the full review.

“What is done very well is Aniela’s transition [as] she goes from a princess who listens to her mothers every word to an independent woman.” -Tim Oldenhuis on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“I love cliff hangers and this one didn’t disappoint.” -Sylvia W. on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“Light on romance, fair amount of magic, and good amount of mystery. Overall, great balance.” -Catherine on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“I think this book is most definitely worth reading and I’m looking forward to read more in this series.” -Cecilia on Rather Barefoot Than Bookless; Read the full review.

“This book is quite a bit different from the majority of urban fantasy that I’ve read, it’s contemplative and has a slowly unfolding mystery with very interesting characters. In a way it reminded me of Ray Bradbury, the kind of stories he would tell like “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.” -Urban Fantasy Scriptorium; Read the full review.

“[Blind Sight] doesn’t necessarily have the feel of a YA book, but I could see how people who read YA would like this book. There is no gratuitous sex or cussing, so the book could be read by really all populations of readers. I always find it impressive when an author can appeal to a wide variety of audiences with one piece of work.” -Urban Fantasy Reviews; Read the full review.

“Aniela is charming and innocent. She offers a sheltered view of Edaion with a glimpse into the noble class and her family.” -Anne Schilde on Goodreads; Read the full review.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“[D]espite covering the same basic plot points, [each volume of Blind Sight] was unique and had a totally different flavor.” -Shannon on Find stuff 2 Read; Read the full review.

“The protagonists each follow their own arcs through their story–Aniela’s shown from her perspective, Leocardo’s shown from his. But the two books read together as one are much more meaningful than the individuals. The combination of the two gives the plot multiple dimensions that make it that much more captivating and enjoyable. Imagine a movie shot from two different camera angles (two different characters’ points of view) and you get to watch both versions. That’s Blind Sight.”  -Andrew D. Carlson, author of Sue’s Fingerprint; Read the full review.

“Blind Sight is a unique and, in my opinion, brave attempt to truly offer us a story from two different perspectives… The two books have enough in common that I never felt lost, and enough differences that I felt like I read two separate stories. Together, they succeed in opening our eyes to a bigger story than either could tell by itself… I enjoyed the same smooth reading in a style that was similar, but not identical. ” -Anne Schilde on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“Although there are obviously some scenes that are the same, the overall story is quite different… not everything in one book appears in the other… I think [Blind Sight does] an amazing job at telling one story from two different perspectives.” -Catherine on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“Many stories are told from multiple characters point of view. What makes [Blind Sight] amazing is that they are not only from each characters point of view, but also in each characters distinct voice. Having two authors working together on this was genius!” -Delphina on Goodreads; Read the full review.

“I was drawn into the mystery immediately and the story moved along nicely with time to mediate on some of the finer points of the mystery but never slowing down or becoming repetitive.” -Urban Fantasy Scriptorium; Read the full review.

“I like how there are two different povs in this book. It gives everything a clearer meaning and the feeling of meeting two characters and knowing their inner heart is amazing.” -Cindy on In This World of Books; Read the full review.