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A family of five walks into a restaurant and there’s a forty-five minute wait. They want to play the card game “Oh Hell” but they’ve grabbed a mixed deck with missing cards and repeats.  An ordinary family might have gone to find a restaurant with a shorter wait, but not mine.

We turned “Oh Hell” (which cannot be played with duplicate cards) into Oh Rock Paper Scissors Hell.  Any time a hand ended in a tie, the duplicate card holders had to rock-paper-scissors to see who took the hand.  There was an added level of complexity when neither wanted the hand because they had underbid, so the goal was to lose rock-paper-scissors.  I give this game a 5 out of 5.  For any of you who don’t know how to play Oh Hell, the rules are listed below, but imagine playing Rock-Paper-Scissors in there too.

Oh Hell is played with one deck of cards and up to 6 players.  The dealer deals 7 cards to each player and the person to their right flips a card over for trump (a low trump beats a high card of non-trump; determined by suit).  Starting with the person to the dealer’s left and moving clockwise around the circle, everyone bids on how many “tricks” they think they can win by having the highest card.  Once all of the bids are in, the person to the dealer’s left plays a card and the rest of the players follow in the order they bid.  If a player has the same suit as the card that led, they must play it.  If they do not, they can sluff a card (playing a non-trump card that has 0 chance of winning) or play a trump card.  Highest card wins and that player is the first to play the first card of the next round, followed by the person on their left and so on.

Once all 7 cards have been played, the scoring is as follows:
Making your bid exactly = 10+number bid.
Making over your bid = number of tricks won
Making under your bid = 0

The person to the dealer’s left becomes the new dealer and deals out 6 cards.  The bidding and hands continue, decreasing the number of cards dealt until there’s a hand with 1 card each.  The next dealer increases the number until the last hand is 7 cards once again.

High score wins.