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For those of us who travel, whether it be across the globe or to stay the night at someone’s place, what do you need to take? Do you take practical items, sentimental items or nothing at all?

When it come’s to a single night at someone’s place the main thing I need to take is my phone. It keeps me connected with my parents who still, even at 19, freak out if I don’t call. It’s my security blanket.

If I am travelling the globe, like I am now (from Australia to Spain – The Canary Islands), I need internet. I need my laptop. I do not need to be connected 24/7 but I must know that I have a source. The laptop itself is required because I know I can write (I can’t write with pen and paper very well) and I can edit my photographs. If I can get mobile internet the laptop becomes the pool of life for me. 😛 Slight exaggeration… but maybe not so slight.

The internet allows me to keep in touch with not only my romantic partner, my friends but also my co-author and dear friend, Eliabeth. With our near future plans for a blog tour and our combined effort to not only maintain the blog but also improve it, I need to have regular conversations with her. Years prior, when myself and my family would make this big journey across continents to see family, I still needed the internet. If I have it, I know I can write emails, chat with friends and keep from feeling like I’ve shut off the other world. I love both worlds, both countries, both homes but I don’t like shutting one off from the other. The internet connects them together for me.

Books. I devour countless books on my travels. Whenever we are in the car (I don’t get carsick) or we are visiting some boring relatives I’m munching (not so literally) on a book. Laptops also help with books, ebooks are fantastic and ever so light! Unfortunately laptops aren’t the most convenient of readers. Neither do they smell as lovely as books!

They are my main necessities (apart from the obvious clothes, food, money etc.). Internet, laptop and books. Do you have any? Maybe an old, ragged blanket from when you were two that you must have at all times? 😛

– Ermisenda Alvarez