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Blind Sight launched March 1st so as part of the Blind Sight Blog Tour, it’s theme month for Picture it & Write.  The rules have not changed, but all of our initial post will now be written using Blind Sight characters and have two paragraphs instead of one as Ermisenda and Eliabeth use characters from their side of the series.  If you have read the novel, you are welcome to use our characters if you make a reference to the Blind Sight novel in your post or write it as a comment here.

I urge people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (provide a translation please :)). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph has been reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr.

Every fortnight we hope to host a photograph suggested by contributors. So, keep those photograph recommendations coming. Submit your favourite images (with credit) for next week’s Picture it & write!

Tatiana meandered across the grand hall. Everyone was wearing their most expensive and dazzling gowns and suits. The chandeliers twinkled, casting a galaxy of stars across the room. The glasses of champagne sparkled. The food glistened. Smiles shimmered from all corners. This was the event to attend. The great charity ball for Aniela’s orphanage, Phoenix, had started.

Tatiana plucked a ripe grape from the fruit platter and let it drop upon her tongue. The supple skin burst and a flood of juice delighted her tastebuds. And yet, Tatiana found the taste hard to savour. Something else had caught her dark eyes. The innocent and ‘angelic’ Aniela was wearing something that did not belong to her. Tatiana’s fingers clenched into a fist. Her fingernails dug painfully into her skin. The tiara that ought to be Tatiana’s maliciously glimmered from Aniela’s golden head. Tatiana spat the corpse of the grape onto the floor.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

Everything was perfect.  The tablecloths hung perfectly centered off the edges of the tables, not a single bulb was out on the chandeliers, each flower arrangement  had been redone until it’s beauty could be appreciated from every angle, and even a gentle breeze gently rustled the tulle curtains as if Alaya controlled the wind too.  Alaya could not be more proud of her youngest.  Aniela was not as ambitious as her brother, but she was the youngest so it was to be expected.  The diamond tiara Alaya had bestowed upon her youngest tonight would make her otherwise overlooked beauty radiate and hopefully catch the eye of some eligible suitors for Alaya to chose from.  Such a choice could not be left to Aniela.

Alaya strode over to the podium where she would address the crowd and surveyed her handiwork.  Nothing would ruin tonight.

– Eliabeth Hawthorne

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