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No one can accuse Amanda Sheridan of not having a backbone.  Yes, she hesitates to divorse her cheating husband, but when he dares to bring his mistress to their son’s ballgame and flaunt her in front of his family and friends, Amanda’s reaction is priceless.  Anyone who needs an example of how to put a cheating husband in his place, needs to read Single in Suburbia by Wendy Wax.

Normally I wouldn’t post about a book I haven’t finished, but it’s good enough to inspire a post before I can finish. I’m only a few chapters in, but unless the book takes a horrible, horrible turn somewhere, it is going to get a five star review.

We live in a world where girls look up to Lindsey Lohan and the Olsen twins.  Miley Cyrus dances around in her bra and posts lude pictures.  These are not people I want my younger cousins aspiring to be.  I do not want them learning from Brittany Spears that driving with a child in your lap is acceptable.  So to me, a good alternative is literature.  I love stories with a strong female lead like Monsterous Regment by Terry Pratchett or the “Arrows” trillogy from the Heralds of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey.  I’d rather them read Single in Suburbia than watch the latest celebrity divorse unfold in the tabloids.

Do you agree?  What books or characters do you think are good role models and why?