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Hey everyone,

It’s Ermi here. I’m making this post to announce that I will most likely be entirely absent from the blog for the next half year. I’ve been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma (cancer of the lymphnodes) and I start chemo this Thursday (for approx. 6 months). It’s been a crazy past month from finding out there was an abnormal tumour in my chest, to now being treated for it. The doctors say I have a very good prognosis and nearly all young people recover from Hodgkins as chemo is VERY effective at killing the active cancer cells. So my family and I are coping okay even though it’s all a bit scary and sad. It seems like it’s just going to be a crappy few months but then everything will be fine again (hopefully).

I might find the energy and motivation to post here, but Eliabeth will most likely be taking charge. There may be less posts because of this. I don’t want to commit myself to anything just yet since I don’t know what I will want to do with the (potentially limited) energy I’ll have left.

I don’t make this post to scare anyone, but I do want to inform the amazing readers we have. I haven’t abandoned you all! I’m just going through some things. I hope everyone and their families are healthy and well.