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Welcome to the Picture it & Write creative writing exercise. I invite people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (please provide a translation). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

Please continue to write however you’re inspired, but add a tag to the beginning of your post if there’s mature content in order to keep Picture it & Write an engaging event for all of our followers.


“If you could look at the world through rose colored glasses, would you?”

Meg was draped across my bed, one leg dangling off the end while her other knee rested against the wall. Her red hair cascaded over the side. She was always beautiful, even now with the dark trails of mascara lining her cheeks. Her fiance hadn’t left her at the alter though it he may as well have. The wedding was going to be tomorrow until Meg tried to surprise him this morning after the bachelor party and found him in bed with her maid of honor. She expanded when I did not reply.

“If you could walk through life sheltered from ever feeling bad. Only see the world as happy and good, would you?”

I knew I had to craft my response carefully. She wasn’t really asking about me and I wasn’t sure what my answer would say about what she should do next.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

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