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Welcome to the Picture it & Write creative writing exercise. I invite people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (please provide a translation). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

Please continue to write however you’re inspired, but add a tag to the beginning of your post if there’s mature content in order to keep Picture it & Write an engaging event for all of our followers.

Creative Writing Exercise: Flooded StreamCollin watched his sister reach into the water and pull up long strands of vegetation. The raft floated along without their input, steered by the adults in the group. Periodically, the raft would bump and fly across the white rapids, but now they were in a calm patch. Collin reached in with both hands and wrapped his fingers around a string of plants.

They say your life flashes before your eyes when they die, but no one says anything about the rest of the time. The water rose to his elbows, but he didn’t let go, still expecting the plants to pull out of the ground any second. Water climbed up his arms to his shoulders and swallowed his head. The raft pressed on his abdomen and then his legs as the raft went on without him.

Finally, as he pressed his feet into the ground and stood, the grass let go. He gasped, dripping wet and unable to open his eyes. He heard his sister screaming and he couldn’t help but think he’d won. He’d pulled up more than her.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

Picture it & Write now supports The Girl Effect, a movement empowering girls to break the cycle of poverty in their communities, countries, and world. All profits from the publication are donated to this cause.

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