Are you doing doing an A to Z reading challenge? Still missing a few letters? Check our Book Reviews page for some of the more obscure letters. If you need a Z, Eliabeth is currently reading Zoo City.

Thoughts so Far

Don’t get the audio book. Zoo City is the book of the month the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club on Goodreads and I’m the only one (so far) completely lost. One of the major reasons I’m struggling is that the narrator frequently interrupts the story to read a document or e-mail. In the audio book, there’s nothing said to explain what document you’re listening to. It takes nearly a paragraph to piece together what’s going on in the tangent. However, in the paperback, the formatting makes it clear it’s a document rather than part of the narrative. It also has a title or heading that calls out what the document is. I spent half the book confused, not sure what I was listening to.

However, those that read a text version of the book are praising it. I’ll even give it props for some unique elements I’ve never seen done before. Zoo City is an urban fantasy novel set in South Africa. I know nothing about South African slang, but one of the South Africans in the group said it was spot on.

I’m reserving judgement until I finish the book, but if you’re needing a book that starts with Z, Zoo City is one you should consider.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne