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Content warning. The topic of this piece contains sensitive material.

power of words

Original image from iletaitunepub.net

I am rubber, you are glue.
Whatever you say bounces off of me
and sticks to you.

But that’s not true… is it. The pen is sneakier than the sword. While weapons cut, bruise, and puncture, words leave internal scars that cannot always be seen. Parents and teachers can step in when a child is being shoved into a locker, but what about when the abuse is over Facebook or text message? A friend can step in when a wife has one too many broken wrists, but what about when a wife belittles her husband, constantly tearing him down?

No one can make you feel anything unless you value their opinion. So whose fault is it when I cry myself to sleep? Is it mine, for caring what you think? Is it yours, for not caring how your words affect those who look up to you? I’m told to wait it out, that it will get better. The bullied eventually come out on top, that the bullies appologize at the ten or twenty year reunion. Will you feel guilty? If I walk off this ledge, will you even realize that it was your words that led up to this moment? Will you be able to live with yourself or will your guilt consume you the way the water below will pull me under. I guess I will never know.


-Eliabeth Hawthorne

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