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Listen & Write is a spin off of Picture it & Write and works almost identically.  Eliabeth will post a song and accompanying text.  We then invite you to either continue where she leaves off or create your own piece of fiction or poetry based on the music.  You might imagine your own version of a music video or write about someone listening to the song; you are only limited by your imagination.  Other languages are welcome so long as you add a translation.

If you have a suggestion for a song, leave it in the comment along with your contribution and they’ll be worked in to the line-up.  Due to time constraints, this will now be a monthly post, showing up the first Thursday of every month minimum.  Some months may have additional posts, but we’ll just see how it goes.

One by Apocalyptica


Orch Dork. Cello is for losers.  Their taunts burrowed into me thicker than a knife.  Cuts healed, memories did not.  I would show them, I would show them all.  I knew my dad had a gun in the house for protection, well this counted.  I wasn’t going to take their bullying any more.

The next day I took it to school.  My heart was going a million miles and hour.  I wasn’t going to kill them, just maim them a little, show them the kind of pain that they’d been inflicting on me for years.  not everyone is an athlete, not everyone has to be.  That’s not a reason to torment them.  Now they would see, now they would feel my pain.

I felt a shove from behind and my books went flying.  “Cluts,” they teased.  This was it, I reached for my bag and I pulled it out.  My hands trembled.  I aimed right for their chest knowing that I would miss.  I had never shot a gun before, what was the chance of me actually killing someone.  I didn’t remember what happened next; everything was a blur.  People were running, screaming.  I closed my eyes.


Eliabeth Hawthorne