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This is an image I found on tumblr. I liked it immediately. I have a strange pet peeve where I just dislike movie adaptation covers for books. I prefer the ‘original’ covers (but there are so many editions these days that ‘original’ doesn’t really exist). Either way, I’ll buy any cover BUT the movie adaptation one. I think it feels cheap to me in some way. I feel like I’m buying the book because it reminds me of the movie. Which… feels a little bit like I’m betraying the literary world.

When I buy a book I want to buy the book, as it is. Somehow, if I buy the book with the movie adaptation cover I feel like I’m supporting the movie adaptation rather than the original novel. Strange, I know, but does anyone else share my pet peeve?

Yay or nay to movie adaptation book covers?

– Ermisenda Alvarez