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I can’t write very well with pen and paper. I can write very well on the laptop because my fingers can catch up with my thoughts and I can easily delete, shift content and edit what I just wrote. Although I recognise I write much better on the laptop every now and again I will buy a beautiful looking notepad and vow to write within it. I rarely do write in it, if I do it has nothing to do with stories because that requires too much editing, which is brutal with pen and paper.

Ideally I would be writing with a quill with one that looks as beautiful, Gothic and elegant as the picture (I should buy it for myself as a birthday present…*conjures plan to surprise myself*) but unfortunately, I do not.

I know that using a quill appears much more romantic and appealing than it actually is because of the likelihood of spillage and illegible script. I will buy a beautiful quill and ink pot one day to write. I will settle myself down in a grand vintage chair behind an oak table, a skull placed beside my parchment and a few candles would be lit. The fire would crackle from the living room and my partner would enter occasionally with some hot chocolate and a kiss. I will most likely grow tired of writing with a quill and ink pot (without the amazing chair, parchment, candles etc.) within minutes and get back on my laptop, typing away at my preferred speed, a much cleaner option.

Even with all this information gained, the outcome already pre-determined I cannot help but yearn over the romantic quill and parchment image. Maybe it is because it echoes the essence of writing, where it began for many people. Or maybe it is just because I love Harry Potter so much and I want a quill for those reasons. I have always loved that vintage feel in decoration and clothing, particularly with a Gothic edge. Hence, when it comes to a deeply loved passion of mine – writing – I want the means of which I create my stories to reflect that artistic side of mine.

I could ramble all day about why I should buy a quill, how I conceived such an idea and why it would not work but I will not. What about the rest of us, what do you use to write and what, in your ideal world, would you be using to scribble and scrawl? Pen, quill or keyboard?

– Ermisenda Alvarez