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Tale of Two Flukes by photocase

Tale of Two Flukes by photocase

My mother was in love with the ocean. Sculptures and paintings of mermaids, dolphins, whales, and other sea-creatures decorated the house. It didn’t matter if they were mythical, they all had a place in our home. I don’t know when the obsession started but that’s all I remember our furniture being littered with.

For her fiftieth birthday I decided to take her out into the sea. The boat was small and rickety. I was still in college and hadn’t saved as much as I wanted to. A friend of mine knew this great place to see whales and dolphins from afar and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take my mother. After an hour of coaxing her out of the house, I finally got her out onto the boat.

What took me by surprise was that it had taken me hours to get her out of the safety of her home, and yet as soon as we were on the water she instantly wanted to jump into the blue. Once we were out in the open, I took out my binoculars. Within minutes my mother had stood up and jumped out of the boat. The boat being small nearly capsized.

I held onto my hat, gripping the boat with my other hand and yelled, “Mum! Do you want to sink us?”

But she didn’t respond. When I looked out to see her in the water, I saw that she wasn’t alone. A chill slithered down my back. My stomach clenched. I could see an overwhelmingly large shadow about to breach the surface from the depths. Just as I was about to order my mother back into the boat, her head disappeared beneath the water.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

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