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The Hunger Games movie had a very thought provoking scene in it where Gale and Katniss briefly discuss how the annual Hunger Games affect on the balance of power.  For anyone who hasn’t read the books or seen the movie, the Hunger Games is an annual competition where one boy and one girl (from now on referred to as “tributes”) are selected out of each of the twelve districts to compete to the death for the title “Champion” and a surplus of food for their district for one year.  This is the Capitol’s way of punishing the districts for rebelling several decades ago.  The people in the districts are forced to watch the games and anyone with money is able to sponsor a tribute.  Sponsors are often the difference between life and death during the games, because a sponsor’s money can be used to buy medicine, water, or other supplies.

Before the games start, Gale states that if no one watches, they don’t have a game and it would be all over.  Katniss laughs and tells him it would never happen. At first, I thought only Katniss was right.  It goes against our nature to ignore something like that, and to ignore a tribute from the poorer districts would be to condemn them to death since the richer districts actually train and volunteer for the Games.  But, after some thought, Gale is correct too, IF everyone were to stop watching, the Capitol would no longer be able to use intimidation to control the districts through the Games and the Games would no longer exist, but would it really be better?

24 tributes go in and only one comes out.  23 casualties a year with the Hunger Games in place, now ignoring the logistics that make this impossible, what if everyone stopped watching?  The Capitol still holds the majority of the money, and would still control the “peacekeepers,” a small army that monitors the districts and squishes rebellion.  There is no way to communicate between districts except for the tributes who have all been groomed with an “it’s them or me” mentality.  Would people be any less afraid if they were not forced to watch their children kill each other?  I guess it depends on just how large an army the Capitol controls.

What are your thoughts on the matter?  What would happen if everyone in The Hunger Games could stop watching?