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Please forgive the language, I didn’t create the graphic–I found it on Facebook.


Speaking of, I just watched If I Stay. My review of the book posted in June and I’m just now getting to the movie because the book was so wildly depressing. However, after listening to high school students murder each other in Battle Royale, I was desensitized enough to take on this movie.

I’m happy to say the screenwriters were able to insert some much needed humor. I’m also happy to note that while the movie spent an obscene amount of time trying to red herron me into wondering if Mia was adopted or switched at birth, this concept is absent from the movie adaptation.

What they took away was the suspense, the will she/won’t she struggle Mia goes through suggested in the title. Less than half way through she tells her brother she won’t leave him no matter what. When reading it, I was pretty sure she would pick life, there was always that question in the back of my mind. I’ll be honest, I started to tune out during the movie.

On the up side, this is the most productive I’ve been on the blog since Ermisenda had to take a hiatus. I had it on in the background so I could write the review, but ended up writing three other blog posts and having to rewind when I hit the end credits.