I am sorry for missing Picture it & Write this past week. It was a really difficult Labor Day weekend for me as I had to put down my beautiful 5-year-old calico, Shira. She was having trouble breathing on Saturday and I took her to the animal ER. They told me she had a sinus infection and sent me on my way, but when she hadn’t eaten anything 24 hours later I knew something else was going on. They took blood work and discovered she was in severe kidney failure. It was not a good chance she would live through the weekend even with treatment and I didn’t want her to die in pain and alone in the vet’s office so I made the hardest decision of my life. She was the friendliest cat you could ever meet, the very definition of a lap cat.

Thank you for being patient and understanding while I try to run the blog myself in Ermisenda’s absence. I feel very blessed to still have a community we can engage with and I don’t mean to neglect you. I appreciate you all more than I can write.

Thank you,