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Blind Sight: Through The Eyes Of Leocardo Reyes

Ermisenda Alvarez



BlindSightLeoBookCoverTatiana climbed out of the pool refreshed from swimming laps. Her gaze fell on the hesitant Spaniard whom she had helped figure out his gift among other things. She had not seen him for months since Leocardo had broken his ankle. He greeted her, and she responded with a look of indifference. He persisted to engage in conversation, one of his more annoying traits.

“Hello, how are you? I haven’t seen you lately at your house.”

“I know.”

She did not have time for small talk, particularly about her absences at her own house. He didn’t know her well enough to realize that spending inordinate amounts of time at her house was more reason for concern. Ever since Leocardo and Aniela became an ‘item’, he frequented their house trying to create the best impression amongst the entire family. Sometimes he would bring along his blind yet fascinating sister.

“I’m worried,” Leocardo said as if waiting for Tatiana to question why. She stared blankly. “I hope Odette can control her gift once winter is gone…”

“There’s not much you can do about that.”

Leocardo did not look taken aback by her short and sour response, rather he seemed to have gotten used to it and now smiled as if humored by it. He shrugged and wished her well before she left him to exercise. Of all the people who swam there regularly, he was one of the least unpleasant, at least before he started dating Aniela. Now he seemed to be trying too hard to be good natured with her family and she quickly grew tired of him. She had a similar feeling for Nate, he was now Aniela-tainted.

The air outside was crisp and the pavements polished with a thin sheet of ice. The roads were dangerous and masses of salt had been thrown onto them to stop accidents. Tatiana’s thick soled non-slip shoes came in handy as she walked, mindful of where she stepped and the devious black ice beneath her.

When she reached her car parked at least a block away from the pool, she noticed a figure but dismissed it as she got inside. Odds of a stalker were low, and logic told her she had nothing to fear. Even the few that became fascinated with the lives of others knew their distance. The most eventful part of her life recently had been the ball for Phoenix and that was an internal drama.

Just in case, she locked the car and immediately turned on the heater. She loved winter with all her heart, but she was still human and enjoyed being able to feel her fingers and face. A sudden knock on her window startled her and caused a snarl. A broad, sickly pale thirty-something-year-old man flashed his police ID card. It surprised her.

Rules had never been something Tatiana worked particularly hard to adhere to, but the law was hardly something she could dismiss with a shrug. For the most part, she didn’t mind if that kept the crazies off the street, but all she wanted to do was turn on the ignition and drive out of there. Unfortunately, her face, name and family were too well known, and even if she wanted to escape forever, her only choice was to become a hermit in the mountains.

She rolled down her window and cold air extinguished the fragile heat that had been accumulating. “Can I help you?”

“Sorry to disturb you Miss Dawson, but I have a few questions. My name is Samuel Ward. I’m a detective at the police station.” Tatiana stared at him coldly as he stood there with only a piece of metal between them. Her expression didn’t budge but stayed blank while his grew unsettled quickly. “What is your opinion on the legal system here in Edaion, particularly the extreme measures in place for those who disobey rules and expose their gifts to tourists?”

Samuel continued to stand there, and although his footing had not moved, his eyes had averted hers from the start. Instead of walking away, he pressed on and Tatiana’s gaze did not stir. “Do you know what Theodore has decided in relation to this when he reaches a position of relative power?”

Tatiana did not know what this man was trying to probe out of her. She knew little of Theodore’s ruling choices because for the moment he was their mother’s puppet. Regardless, whoever had the crown had only a fraction more power than anyone else in the council. What did Samuel Ward want to know? Suddenly, as if tired of her blatant confrontational gaze, he leaned closer, almost sticking his head right in her window.

“What do you know of the disappearances?”

Without a moment to spare, Tatiana reeled up her window and turned on the car. She was not going to put up with his interrogation. The car reversed out of its parking space and she took no care to avoid his foot, but she didn’t run over anything. Once she placed it into first gear, she drove straight out of the parking lot and onto the street as quickly and safely as she could. The last thing she needed was a car accident, and she knew the deadly ice beneath her would take any chance it got to inflict chaos. She did not give him a second glance, glad to be rid of him.

Anger soared through her veins. Fury congested her lungs and she suddenly found it difficult to breathe. She gave him nothing. She gave him nothing because she knew nothing, but he had inadvertently given her something. A painful seed was lodged in her mind that she simply could not ignore. Why didn’t she know about the disappearances in Nevaeh?

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Blind Sight is an urban fantasy series about a blind girl who develops the ability to draw. You are reading Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes. This volume is told from the point of view of Odette’s brother who thinks she’s having premonitions. The companion novel, Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson tells the same story, but through a different point of view. Odette’s new friend Ana is convinced Odette is a medium channeling spirits and cannot be convinced otherwise. Who is right? Whose eyes will you read through?

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