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About 9 months ago, my friend really encouraged me to listen to the podcast Serial. I was hesitant to start because I wasn’t sure if the podcast could truly keep me hooked. Turns out, it hooked me hard and fast. Serial is an amazing podcast where a crime journalist pieces together the existing evidence of a murder case that happened 15 years ago in America to see if the man who was convicted was truly guilty. A young teenage girl went missing and was found dead and her ex-boyfriend , another teenager at the time, was suspected and sent to prison.

serial-social-logoOh, it was such a good podcast! I truly recommend it to anyone who loves crime, and the whole story takes on another level because it really did happen and you hear the voices of many people involved (including the man who supposedly killed the girl).

From there, I became really interested stuff-mom-never-told-youin the podcast game. For the past 6+ months I have been devouring Stuff Mom Never Told You episodes. It’s a podcast run by two feminist women who discuss a multitude of topics with gender in mind. They always come well-researched and also share personal anecdotes. It’s always fun and educational to listen to and because of that I’ve learned a lot. It’s fantastic for both men and women.

SavageLovecast_thumbI also listen to Savage Lovecast sometimes. It’s a podcast run by sex columnist Dan Savage. It is normally full of people ringing Dan up asking for love/sex advice. I find it particularly interesting as I am considering to go down the sex therapist career path.

Do you listen to podcasts? Would you give them a go? What’s your favourite one to tune into? Share your experiences down below! 🙂

– Ermisenda