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Blind Sight: Through The Eyes Of Leocardo Reyes

Ermisenda Alvarez



BlindSightLeoBookCoverAdrenaline raced through his system. He knew what he had to do, but before he could discuss any of it with Ana, she was already running toward the children and teachers. It frustrated him that she was running off without even a few words. He felt lost and she was not helping give him direction. Instead of following her blindly, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He ventured toward a firefighter.

“Where’s the boy?” Leocardo was not going to mess around and hoped they would not either. The firefighter didn’t look at him as he was walking back toward the fire truck.

“Get out of the way! We are trying to save him.”

“Where is William? At least let me know where he is. Aniela Dawson arrived and she deserves to at least know where William is,” Leocardo said firmly. He didn’t want to have to use the power that Ana’s name wielded but it worked.

“He’s upstairs somewhere. We have a man handling the situation. Only in the last few minutes has the fire become uncontrollable. Just step back and let us deal with it,” he said firmly as Leocardo moved away. He did not want to start a fight, especially not with a man who was trying to help the child inside. He turned to find where Ana was. At least he had some kind of direction now.

Leocardo started to worry. Where was she? He could not see her. Marcus stood outside the car on the phone, talking rapidly. He jogged forward. He could see some of the adults with bandanas or make-shift masks over their mouths. They were moving back and forth, worried and confused. Where the hell was Ana? She would not have gone inside alone…would she?

His feet took him to the group of children where he had seen her last. One of the children pointed around the side of the building as she nudged her friend. “Did you see the princess?” Leocardo’s gaze snapped to where the child was pointing and he rushed around the building. Suddenly he saw a familiar looking female attacking the window with her elbow.

“Ana!” He could not believe what she was doing. She had not even alerted him. Her scarf was tied around her mouth and she had taken off her jacket and used it to protect her elbow as she broke the window. “Ana!” he yelled as loudly as he ran to her side. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her away from the window. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I am going inside, what do you think you are doing?” her voice edgy and offended.

He looked at her elbow. If it was not already bleeding, it was definitely going to leave bruises tomorrow. “Let’s think this through!”

“There is no time to think! William is in there and I have to get him out! Go back and wait by the car,” she ordered.

Before he knew it, she had pushed herself up on the window. He cringed as he imagined the glass penetrating her soft palms. Frustrated, he pulled her back by the waist, mindful not to cut her hands up more. He held onto her wrists and looked into her moist blue eyes as he spoke.

“I’m not going back anywhere. I’m coming with you.”

“Are you insane?”

He found her trying to climb into a smoke-filled building through a back window and she had the nerve to question his sanity.

“Are you insane?” he asked. If it had not been for the blazing fire and severity of the moment he would have laughed out loud.

“Yes,” she snapped.

“Then so am I. We’re going in together,” he concluded, unwilling to back down. He grabbed his scarf and wrapped it around his nose and mouth before tucking it into his shirt. “He’s upstairs, that’s all I know.”

She conceded reluctantly. “Teleport both of us, then never get more than a few feet from me. I’m controlling our fresh air.” He was unsure what she meant by that since he remembered something about her having telekinetic abilities, but he did not ask questions. The time for questions was over; it was time for action.

He nodded before pulling her close, unsure if he could even teleport two people. He hoped that she would teleport with him. If not, he did not care and he could save the boy on his own and Ana would be truly safe. That is, assuming that she did not barge through the window after he disappeared without warning. A minute passed and they still had not moved. Worry, anxiety and doubt flooded his thoughts. He shut his eyes.

Inside, inside, inside, he thought.

Just as he could feel her pull as if to lunge at the window again, he held her tighter and then he experienced a sickening lurch. All of a sudden, he saw a dark clouded room. Behind him the fire sprawled along the walls which sought to dominate more windows as it gasped for air. In front of him, he saw a black wall covered in ash made up of large pieces of debris that blocked their path. It was hard to imagine that a half hour earlier it was intact with a number of children inside.

On instinct Leocardo held his breath until he remembered that as long as Ana held the shield up, the fresh air from outside was theirs to use. The air outside the bubble was thick, but inside he could breathe perfectly. There was a fine clear film he could distinguish as the smoke parted for the dome-like shape they were in. Ana moved forward after taking his hand and he followed. Leocardo saw a wall with what looked like stairs behind it, but the entrance was blocked by fallen debris. He pointed, seeing a small opening, and wondered if he could rip it open.

He flinched as he heard a crash directly above them. He looked up to see that part of the ceiling had fallen onto Ana’s shield, but it bounced off and toppled into piles around them. This had brought someone’s attention. Leocardo followed Ana’s gaze. He also noticed the firefighter inside the building. Except this firefighter had nothing but some basic clothes that seemed to be on fire.

Initially, Leocardo thought that it was a crazy man who had entered the building without protection. The man was pushing away the debris without noticing the flames that licked at his ankles and climbed his back. Was he heatproof? The man noticed them and yelled a warning. It was a muffled sound through his breathing mask, but he started to venture toward them. Leocardo decided that he definitely had to be heatproof.

Leocardo could feel Ana press up against him as if to get away from the firefighter. He grabbed her tight and glanced to the side again. He didn’t think the man was going to hurt them, but it was obvious he was going to try and stop them. He focused on the second level. He wanted to teleport there immediately and focused all of his attention on moving up the stairs he had first seen.

Suddenly they teleported, but he felt a blinding pain and grabbed the first thing he could reach. His hand tightened around the wooden railing of the crumbling staircase and he realized his foot had slipped through the fragile wooden step. He could feel the splinters stabbing his ankle. A warm gush of blood told him he had done more damage to it than just a couple of scratches. He let out a muffled cry of pain. He was gasping in dirty air filtered through his scarf. What happened to the shield?

His head spun and pounded with all the noises around him. He grabbed for Ana’s hand and as soon as he felt it, he focused his gaze on the second floor again. Instantly, he teleported them further up and he realized what had happened to the shield. Ana had lost it. Could she not bring it up again? Could she bring back the fresh, cool air? She did not seem to be making any effort to do so as he used her to support his weight. Ignoring the blinding pain and unable to put any weight on his ankle, they stumbled down the hallway.

Fire didn’t reach the hallway but the smoke was thick. He went to the door on the left as Ana went to the right. He didn’t know how he was going to open it. The handle looked tempting, but he knew his skin would melt and stick to the metal if he grasped it. He tried to heave his weight from his shoulder against the door to break it, but he could not carry the momentum with a broken ankle.

Instead, he focused on teleporting. He was coughing and tried not to breathe more than he needed. With a sickening lurch, he got himself the other side to find the room was ablaze. His face seared with the heat and in fear, and he turned around only to face the door. With the exception of burning furniture along the edges of the room, it was empty. Was this the end? Would he be cooked alive? Never had he been so afraid and the next thing he knew, he had teleported and was back in the hallway. Hastily, he patted the sparks of fire on his clothing. Something caught his eye; Ana’s door was still wide open.

“Ana!” he yelled as he neared it. Her eyes were full of fear as she was stumbling toward him, narrowly missing falling debris. He did not know why she had gone so far into that room, but figured that William was not inside as she had abandoned it. She tried to go into the room he had just left, but he pushed her on and they ventured further down the hallway.

Ana helped him as she once again took some of his weight when he walked. He prepared to teleport them both out of there if she collapsed and hoped he didn’t collapse first. Then they would really be in trouble. As soon as they were at the door at the end of the corridor, she blew it off its hinges with a wave of her hand. He groaned as a new wave of pain shot through his leg and he found himself propelled backward and slammed against the wall of the crumbling hallway.

“Ana, be careful!” his words were barely coherent.

He was no longer looking at an empty doorway, but rather a pile of burning rubble. Sunlight poured through the newly created hole in the roof.

In what seemed like seconds, Leocardo was in the room, eyes transfixed on Ana who was covered in fresh blood. Her body was bent over a small child. His heart leapt. It had to be William. He lunged forward, but fell to the ground as his ankle gave way. He crawled as quickly as he could, violently coughing the whole way.

The floor was rumbling. He could feel it sinking beneath his weight. It was going to fall. Seized by urgency, he crawled forward as quickly as he could and threw his arm over Ana and the little boy she was trying to protect. He tried to teleport them out but nothing happened.

The floor gave way. He felt all of his muscles tense and he breathed in the air, thinking they were outside, but it was full of ash. The jarring sensation had been the three of them falling to the first floor, but somehow Ana had softened the fall with her gift.

Leocardo watched with helpless horror as one of the beams from above fell and knocked Ana unconscious. Now neither she nor the boy was awake. He could not believe what was happening. He had failed them. He held them tight and felt the tears in his eyes. He had to save Ana, William and Odette.

He focused all his energy and thoughts on the outside. He was thinking about the green grass scratching his cheek, to bathe in the sun’s illuminating rays and to let the cold winter air purify his lungs. Anything but this burning lethal heat, anything but this dark, dirty and deceased room that wanted to take them with it. At any moment, he feared they would all melt away into nothing. He groaned in pain, shut his eyes and grasped onto both Ana and the child. Outside, outside, outside, he thought.

There was a sudden rush as he felt the three of them violently thrown forward. His face smacked hard against the frosty and splinter-like grass. The sun painfully blinded his retinas and he hungrily inhaled the freezing cold air even though it scratched the inside of his throat, like needles. They had escaped the greedy clutches of the fire, but had all three of them survived?

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Blind Sight is an urban fantasy series about a blind girl who develops the ability to draw. You are reading Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes. This volume is told from the point of view of Odette’s brother who thinks she’s having premonitions. The companion novel, Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson tells the same story, but through a different point of view. Odette’s new friend Ana is convinced Odette is a medium channeling spirits and cannot be convinced otherwise. Who is right? Whose eyes will you read through?

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