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beautiful-european-room“How can they not do something with this room? It’s so beautiful,” my sister said in awe. She took small steps towards the middle, scanning the walls and ceiling in admiration.

“The house is like the size of two mansions, but I guess this room is a lot smaller than the rest.” I shrugged. I didn’t get why they bought the biggest mansion on the island when they were only two people.

“I hope I end up as rich as them. I don’t care what dad says about money. He’s probably just bitter he didn’t end up as successful as his sister.”

I stared at her as she ventured towards the lone discoball on the ground. It scattered beautiful shards of light in the already stunning room.

“Would you do to me what she did to him?” I asked starkly, not walking further into the room.

She twisted around and frowned. “Really, Tomaz? I would never do that to you or anyone I cared about.”

“Okay, okay.” I put my hands up in surrender. “That was a bit harsh to ask I admit.”

My sister kicked the discoball a little. She was no longer admiring the room with wide eyes. “We don’t have to have history repeat itself in this family.”

Ermisenda Alvarez

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