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It’s official, Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies belongs in Gryffindor. And yes, he is heartbroken.

What’s really funny is that Rowling apparently knew all along but “didn’t want to spoil [his] motivation.”

For some of us, our Hogwarts house is as much a part of us as whether we were in band or sports. When I joined Pottermore, I was thankful that my house results came out as expected: Ravenclaw. Not sure what I would have done if it had come out any differently. As much as I respect the other houses (sans Slytherin) I might have had an identity crisis if the official results deviated. Then again, maybe I would have told myself that if the Sorting Hat were real, I could have pulled a Harry and swayed it into letting me in Ravenclaw instead.

And if you haven’t seen the Lady Gaga Parody, “Sorted This Way,” you need to. 😉

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