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2014 was an interesting year. I participated in an A-Z Author Challenge on Goodreads, which forced me to look for authors whose first or last name started with each letter of the alphabet. Looking to finish the more difficult letters first, I picked up The Jungle by Upton Sinclair as my first book in January… it was the last book I finished.

You would think that while I was looking for authors to satisfy the challenge requirements, I would have gone back to authors I’ve read before. I’m sure that was the plan, but that’s not how it worked out. Of the 37 books I read this year, 31 were authors completely new to me and two were books by an author I’d never read before 2014, (aka, the second two books in The Selection series which I started and finished in 2014.) Only four books were by authors I’d read before. The top three most read genres were young adult, romance, and dystopian. For an urban fantasy author, I failed miserably, reading only two books in my own genre.


How did that affect my ratings? This year seemed to be one of extremes. Either I loved the book or hated it, making a two bell curve distribution compared to a five star heavy 2012 and a nearly even distribution in 2013. I read fewer books than in 2012, but more pages (ignoring the fact they were all on Audible).

A-Z Author Challenge

Ann Handley (3/2/14) Content Rules
Bradbury, Ray (4/29/14) Fahrenheit 451
Cass, Kiera (2/14/14) The Elite
Dashner, James (10/12/14) The Maze Runner
Ernest Cline (12/8/14 reread) Ready Player One
Fitzpatrick, Becca (6/17/14) Hush, Hush
Green, John (5/27/14) The Fault in Our Stars
Hearne, Kevin (5/1/14) Hexed
Ilona Andrews (11/27/14) Magic Bites
James Thurber (1/17/14) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Kiera Cass (1/16/14) The Selection
Lauren DeStefano (10/16/14) Wither
Marissa Meyer (1/20/14) Cinder
Ness, Patrick (11/19/14) The Knife of Never Letting Go
Oliver, Lauren (6/13/14) Delirium
Peon, Tiffany (5/16/14) Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Sites
Quinn, Julia (10/23/14) Just Like Heaven
Ron Rash (10/17/14) Serena
Susan Cain (1/28/14) Quiet
Thomas Harris (2/1/14) Red Dragon
Upton Sinclair, (12/23/14) The Jungle
Veronica Roth (1/7/14) Divergent
Wells, Rebecca (2/26/14) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Xun, Lu (1/19/14) Village Opera
Yousafzai, Malala (6/3/14) I Am Malala
Zusak, Markus (12/12/14) The Book Thief

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