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Hey everyone!

So as you may have noticed, we haven’t been as consistent on the blog as we would have liked in the past few weeks. The past year has been really crazy for Eliabeth and me. We haven’t been able to work on our books as much due to other priorities and out of all our writing related projects, the blog has taken most of our energy.

We had a big discussion about Ermilia this morning and we came to the conclusion that we needed to change the blog schedule. Four posts a week was too much. But two posts a week wasn’t quite right either. So we are doing three posts a week.

  1. Picture it & Write every Sunday
  2. A chapter from Blind Sight on Tuesday
  3. A post on Thursday (e.g., a book review, an interesting find on the internet)

On Sunday, we want to keep reading your responses to our writing photo prompt. We love the community we’ve built through Picture it & Write. Tuesdays, we will be posting a chapter of Blind Sight: Through The Eyes Of Leocardo Reyes. We are planning on putting the whole novel on the blog and we may do the same for Ana’s perspective. For the Thursday post, we want to continue to share book reviews and our weird and wonderful internet finds with you. This new schedule will start next week, but we’ll post the Prologue to Blind Sight as our Thursday post this week.

By posting our novels on the blog, we hope to get people more engaged with our writing and our stories. We want these stories to be read and enjoyed. Since our motivation has dipped in the last year due to work and study, we hope that each chapter’s post will remind us of our goals for book 2 and entertain those who are looking for a read.

We hope our loyal and amazing readers will embrace the new changes to the blog. We’d also like to hear from you with what you like about the blog and what you don’t like. We’ve never wanted to be a broadcast pushy blog where we talk and you listen. We want there to be a dialogue here at Ermilia.

We also hope everyone is doing well in the first week of the new year. May you and your families be doing well both physically and mentally. We care about you all and we hope that 2015 will be a great year for all of us.

– Ermisenda and Eliabeth (Ermilia)

PS One of our New Year’s Resolutions is to finish editing Book 2. What are some of your resolutions? Tell us in the comments.