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Men, Women, and Children

by Chad Kultgen

genre: adult, drama

Instead of a summary from Goodreads, I want to show you the trailer for the movie as that was how I first discovered this book.

Interested in seeing the movie, I decided to buy the book.

Mature content follows.


Men Women and ChildrenFrom the trailer, I thought the book would be about secrets and social media. Maybe it would be a tale of the dangers of what we post and who can really see them or a warning about how reliant we are on technology for socialization. Honestly, I was expecting a watered down Her or something.

I was not expecting graphic scenes of eighth graders having sex. There were several. As I write this review, I’m thinking, “why did I keep reading?” The only way I can rationalize it is to compare it to a train wreck. It’s horrible and shocking, but you don’t look away. I feel awkward assigning a rating, so I’m going to let you read the review and come to your own conclusion.

Aside from the disturbing eighth grade fetishes and attitudes toward sex, I hated that there is only one healthy adult relationship and no healthy parental relationships in the entire story. There’s a mother pimping out her daughter to online pedophiles, a mother who abandons her husband and son only to let her son find out over Facebook that she’s getting remarried. A father who uses his son’s laptop to masturbate and then becomes a connoisseur of hookers.

There was one good thought provoking thing I wanted to address. One of the men is upset that his wife no longer enjoys sex yet he admits he sees her only as a place to put his penis. When he tries to coax his wife into bed, he promises it will take less than five minutes. How on earth does he expect his wife to enjoy sex when that is how he treats her? Being married doesn’t mean you can stop putting an effort into your relationship, sex life included.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

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