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2014-07-26 23.02.04When I looked down in my shower the other day, I couldn’t believe what I read on my sister’s shampoo and conditioner. “Long Term Relationship”. I picked up the bottles and to my disbelief, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. These products played on the stereotype that all women are desperate for commitment. The ‘play on words’ continued on the back with taglines like “Couple therapy”, “Don’t break up”, and “A Hollywood Ending”.

Even though companies will use anything to sell products, I just found this particularly funny (and kinda depressing). I can’t imagine any toiletries company trying to sell products to men by sending messages of romantic commitment. And why should they? It’s a dumb idea. But sadly it “makes sense” for them to do it when marketing towards women.

I guess this was one of those “Bic Pens for Women” moments where I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. I hate stereotypes. As a feminist, I hate gender “norms”. But this post isn’t really meant to delve too deep into those big, complex things.

Have you come across a product that made you do a double-take? The play on words stopped you in your tracks? It made you wonder who was in charge of the marketing team when they created it? Share down below! 🙂

– Ermisenda

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