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The Maze Runner
Movie 1

genre: science fiction, dystopian, young adult

the-maze-runner-movie-posterUsually, I tell people to read the book before the movie. Don’t read the book. Wait for the movie to hit NetFlix. If you’ve read the book, wait a week or two from when you finished reading until you go see the movie. The movie changed 70-80% of the book. I finished the book the same day I went to see the movie, so I sat there the entire time shaking my head with my brows creased thinking, “That’s not how that happened. That didn’t happen. That’s out of order. That didn’t happen. You skipped that. What the…? Why did you change that detail? What did that accomplish? What??? How? That didn’t… How are you going to finish the movie if you changed… you changed the ending…”


It’s hard for me to assign a rating, so I’ll just tell you my thoughts and you can decide from there if you want to see it or not. The book is horrible. Read my book review if you want an expanded reason for not reading the book. The movie was different. It was better, but not very good. I’m not sure how I would feel watching it with more time in between finishing the book. They changed so many details, it was practically a separate story. Not as bad as Ella Enchanted the book and Ella Enchanted the movie, but close.

Boyfriend thought they spent too much time building up the suspense and not enough time trying to figure out the maze. I have to agree, but even when they did explore the maze, I was sitting there thinking, “That’s not the layout. That’s not how the maze works. That didn’t happen. That didn’t happen either. Wow, way to skip over that. That’s not how that played out. That’s not how that played out either.” Since I hated the book, you would think I would be happy with the changes. I’d have to watch it again with some time in between to know for sure and it’s just not a movie I would watch again though I am interested enough to go see the second movie… just not in theaters.

Trying to think about the movie by itself, it’s worth seeing if you liked Divergent. One of those “Well, that escalated quickly.” I was happy with the casting. All of the characters were portrayed in the same race as in the book, which I appreciated. Newt is the skinny kid from Game of Thrones!! That earned it one additional star, were I to give it a rating.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne