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The keys to becoming a successful writer on Sims 4 are:

  • Writing all day
  • Woohoo-ing sexy Sims to keep your fun levels high
  • Having thoughtful showers after so you’re fresh and clean and inspired!
  • Writing some more

Just by implementing these easy steps into your life you will have lots of royalties streaming in within a matter of days. MONEY! How do you get published on the Sims 4? Well… you just walk to your mailbox and click ‘self-publish’ or ‘publisher’. And that’s it. You’re a writer now and you’re earning money. Perfect! Why isn’t that the way in real life too?

I wish being a successful writer was as easy as it is on Sims 4. It’s nice to play the game and be successful at this career I am pursuing. The seduction of playing out my career virtually for hours on end is too tempting!

P.S. My partner found out that this was the best schedule to get the most amount of books out and royalties in. The key is lots of woohoo and thoughtful showers. I had to try it for myself (and learn a tip or two from the world of Sims πŸ˜‰ ).

– Ermisenda