No matter how extensive the vocabulary, every author can fall into a rut and keep using the same descriptive word over and over. As much as I appreciate paperbacks, gotta say I love shift+F7 more. For those who don’t use Microsoft Office, that’s the shortcut to the Thesaurus.



As we edit Blind Sight 2, I can shift+F7 without looking. (I’m not proud of it, but I still use a modified hunt and peck where I use 6 fingers.) One of my weaknesses I’ve noticed while doing this is that my descriptions of people are terribly similar. We’ve assigned models for the characters to ensure Ermi and I “see” the characters the same, but I sometimes have trouble putting that into words.

That’s why I started a board on Pinterest and filled it with different pins featuring 45 words for skin tones or 7 different shades of blonde. I’ve found graphics for describing how different cuts bleed for the murder mystery writers, and different fashion references for those of us who have no idea what a cowl neckline is. You can find the board here: The Writing Process.

If anyone would like to add to it, I’m considering making it a group board. Just leave your username in the comments, follow us and I can add you. Happy pinning!