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At my full time job, I’m a content writer for a gift card company. Last year, we released some new designs featuring Santa around famous landmarks across the U.S. Trying to breathe some creativity into a press releases, I wrote a piece on how Santa has been helping our company deliver gift cards and now he’s gone missing! It was an announcement for a Where’s Santa contest and featured an image of a cartoon Santa and treasure map. While I realize a press release may not have been the best medium for that message, I never expected it to be denied. The wire service we used sent an e-mail informing me that they would not run an article that could confuse people into thinking Santa is a real person.

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

I realize it is now August, but it has been bothering me ever since. When did we start protecting grown adults from believing in Santa? When did we start protecting people from thinking?

-Eliabeth Hawthorne