Anyone here like Gossip Girl? I think the show has been over long enough that we all know how it ends. If you’re just starting it or don’t want to read spoilers, stop reading.

For the rest of you, were you surprised it was Dan? I liked the show from the beginning, but the last episode really resonated with me. He knew he would never buy his way into Serena’s world, so he decided to write himself in. You’re only “important” on the Upper East Side if people are talking about you–you’re in the spotlight. Even if it is for something negative, people know who you are. I simply loved the concept.

Now I don’t run a gossip site nor do I write myself into my stories though Ermi may have accused me of such a few times. I do however, rewrite my reality in a much less official capacity. Boyfriend gets furious with me when we’re having an argument and he presents several scientifically accepted facts only to have me reply with “Hmm, no. That just doesn’t work for me.” My mom once assigned me the tagline, “Don’t disturb me with facts. They disrupt my world.” The most often used example for both of these situations is when Boyfriend tries to convince me that squirrels are just rats with furry tails so both have equal value.


Not in my world.

This selective acceptance of the world as I want to see it is apparently a scientific thing (or so I learned in my management class). We are more likely to see results that are in line with our chosen belief and purposefully or unintentionally ignore results that do not match the result we want. Knowing this and being on a diet, I’ve decided that I don’t like doughnuts. They have no appeal to me, they don’t taste good. They are dry, chalky, and the icing tastes like plastic. I’ve gotten so good at mentally rewriting my preferences that I’m no longer tempted by doughnuts.

Our minds are powerful things, so remember that the next time you look in the mirror. Are you distorting your reality? What if you said something positive to your reflection once a day?