So one of the reasons you’ve seen so little of me recently is that I’ve started taking night classes. While nothing compared to Ermi’s honor year, it does take up two evenings a week, involves homework, and somedays, todday included, means I have to take some work home with me because I had to leave for class. Today’s lesson was about innovation and how some companies can get stuck in their ways.

We talked about Swiss watches. The Swiss used to control over 60% of the market and now control less than 10%. Though the Japanese are now the leading watch manufacturers, it was Swiss designers who presented the technology to Japan after their own company dismissed the idea (watches with batteries).

I think the same happens to authors. We complain about how Amazon changed the rules or banned our books. They may be the giant now, but the authors who survive are going to be the ones who innovate and adapt. Think about authors stuck in paperback, unwilling to modify books to audio or ebook. They will die out and the ones willing to change and reach their audience in new ways will flourish. If you want to get out from under Amazon’s thumb, you need to be like the Japanese overthrowing the Swiss. Find or invent the next change way people experience books.

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