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I’m not a grammar nazi. Maybe it’s because I know I make mistakes all the time? I’m sure there are mistakes in the post. I think in professional work, it’s necessary to write well. I like when I see well-written status updates but to be honest, I don’t think less of people because of their ability to spell or use grammar. Some people don’t care. Some people hated school. Some people didn’t get the same educational opportunities. For many people in my social circle, English is their second language. In casual social-media settings, as long as I can understand you, I’m happy. But I sure do appreciate someone who knows how to write English properly.

I found this video by Weird Al Yankovic hilarious (he’s been making a whole bunch of new songs recently, it’s great!) and had to share. We may have some readers who hate word crimes with a passion and can relate. Even as someone who is relatively lax, I found myself laughing.

Warning: the damn catchy tune of ‘Blurred Lines’ is the musical backdrop. So you may have that tune stuck in your head for a while! I’m just glad I can enjoy this song without thinking about the original horrifying lyrics.

What did you all think? Did you find it funny? Do you hate word crimes or are you pretty chill about it all?

– Ermisenda