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Hey everyone! Those who watched my video about spare story ideas, should remember that I really want to read/watch/play a great, gritty, dark, mature fairytale retelling. More than the TV series Once Upon a Time.

Well… I was watching a favourite YouTuber of mine (PewDiePie) and he played a game called ‘The Wolf Among Us’. Guess what? It’s a great, gritty, dark, mature fairytale game.The-Wolf-Among-Us

The premise is that the fairytale characters have been taken from their ‘homelands’ and brought into ‘Fabletown’ which is set in modern-day America. The actions of the player (me in this case) affect how the story progresses. There’s quite a lot of crime in this game. As the main character we have to figure out which fairytale character did the deed.

I bought it immediately and started to play. As you know, I love playing games as much as reading books. I love all kinds of games but there’s a special place in my heart for games that tell great stories with great characters. I’ve recorded the first part of Episode 1 so those who want to watch can. I need to get a better microphone but I don’t have too much commentary anyway. I’m thinking of uploading the rest of the episode in roughly ~20 minute chunks. Let me know what you think!

I know most of us are writers, but your love for stories may tempt you into watching me play this game or play it yourself (buy here). I wanted to share this on Ermilia as well because some people enjoy watching others play games (and we might have some followers who do). There are also better recordings of this game (as in gamers with better microphones) in case my recording bothers you too much.

Also, warning! This game is very violent, there is high coarse language, and mature themes.

Have you played this game? Do you play games? Do you like the idea of dark, gritty retellings of fairytales?

– Ermisenda