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When I first had the idea for this post, it would have fallen on Mother’s Day. Even though that might have gotten more views for being controversial and potentially inappropriate, I waited. Recently, I’ve had several signs that suggest it’s time for this piece. I started reading I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot by the Taliban. I’ve read several articles about the Isla Vista shooting and the U.S. culture objectifying women. Lastly, I read the following tweet in “THE POWER OF #YESALLWOMEN” (The New Yorker).

Because in about 30 states, rapists whose victims choose to keep the baby can get parental rights, like weekend visitation. WTF #YesAllWomen

The Picture it & Write this week is fiction. It does not represent the views of Ermilia. Rather, I hope it garners awareness of U.S. laws and discussion of how women are viewed in many societies. Maybe it adds a few more voices in the cry for change. Sources for the stats are provided at the end of the post.

Sensitive material follows.


I want more than anything to be a father but women just don’t want to have sex with me. I want a son to take fishing, to fix the car with me, and I’m tired of waiting. At forty, I will be sixty while my child is still in college. I blame women for this injustice. For whatever reason, they don’t want me to be a father, so it’s time I took things into my own hands. I read in the paper that each year, rapes result in 32,000 pregnancies. As many as 10,667 are carried to term. Suddenly, I had a plan.

“All of the boxes along that wall,” I told the movers.

After packing most of my house up, I decided to have the moving company store most of my belongings indefinitely while I looked for a place in Texas. Nine states prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. 31 will states allow me to sue for custody. Texas worked for both and one of my brothers agreed to let me stay while I looked for a job and an apartment.

When he asked why I was moving, I told him, “I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.”

Maybe I’ll start on Craig’s List.

Eliabeth Hawthorne

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