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My paint skills are through the roof!

My paint skills are through the roof!

I’m currently reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor and the book starting off really cool. I liked the gritty urban fantasy theme in a European city and I liked the characters that were introduced. I’ve read about 65% and something terrible has happened… something I hate in stories… and I’m not sure if I should put it down. I’m going to rant a little about forced romances in books. So there’s a MINOR SPOILER for this novel.

Just before half way through the book a romance is introduced… Main character Karou and the angel start to… like each other… What??? It was a great story up until this point! Now it’s just about the damn romance. It feels unsubstantiated and it just wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t weaved in the story it just feels so random. Why do books ruin their stories by adding forced romance of super-hot-but-super-powerful-and-perfect man who falls in love with girl. Where’s the chemistry apart from the fact that he’s hot??? 😦

I can see how this romance plays a bigger part because now we’re getting to know more of his past, how it plays in with the bigger story… but really? At least make the romance more believable. I just… gah! I hate when books start off so well and then become a pooper (yes, I know, I’m so professional).

I think forced romances are a true pet peeve of mine, especially when they’re with a super-natural-super-human-super-hot man. Are you reading a book that you’re not sure if you want to give up on because it’s a pooper?

– Ermisenda