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Drinking My Way Through 14 Online Dating Sites

by Tiffany Peon

genre: memoir

Synopsis from Goodreads

Drinking My Way Through 14 Online Dating Sites Book CoverSick of feeling heartbroken over her most recent breakup and underwhelmed by the rest of her life, Tiffany Peón decided to embark on a social experiment. Over the course of one year, she used fourteen different online dating sites including Craigslist, speed dating and The Atlasphere, a site for fans of Ayn Rand. Through drunken interactions with strangers, she learned the ins and outs of the online dating world and eventually found her way back to the relationship that started it all.


How do you judge a person’s memoirs? I hate to give it two stars, but that’s what I thought it deserved. Reality did not live up to my expectations. The title led me to believe the book would contain colorful stories of disastrous dates that would be on par if not top “when I poop” guy. They were not. Aside from one or two guys, neither of which she described in much detail, the guys were fine. Comforting if you’re looking for confirmation that not everyone on dating sites live in their mother’s basement or want to kill you, but not the kind of stories that are worthy of a book.

Yes, technically the title describes the book. There were 14 dating sites (though not all described in the chapters) and there was alcohol, but that’s where the reality ends. Apparently I’m not the only disappointed reader because at the time of my writing this, it scores less than three stars on Goodreads. Should have looked there first. My only consolation was that it was dirt cheap (also a warning sign I carelessly overlooked.)

Don’t let the witty title lure you in; I don’t recommend this book.

2 out of 5 stars

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

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