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The launch of Picture it & Write Vol 1 has us in awe of how many contributors have been with us for years. Thank you so much for being a consistent part of our community! Others of you are newer and may not have had a chance to look through the archives, so we wanted to try a Throwback Thursday post looking back at our top Picture it & Write weeks or favorite books from years passed.

Top Picture it & Write prompts from 2012
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Submissions for Picture it & Write never close, so if you’re inspired by something in the archives, please feel free to leave a comment or post to your blog and send us a link back!

This will be a once a month special post that will not conflict with the new content we hope you continue to enjoy. As always, this blog is for your, our lovely readers. So be sure to give us feedback. Do you like what we’re posting; do you want to see something else? Don’t be afraid to tell us.