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power-of-imagination-croser-advertising-marketing-writingSomeone shared this on Facebook and I thought it was so powerful. I love the power of our imagination and the picture we can paint with just words. The image is a bit blurry and I couldn’t get a better one. Rather than have you all break your eyes, I typed it out down below. It’s a smart advertising advertisement for the Australian wine company Petaluma.

This is a picture of a woman

We can’t see her face, just her back, but she’s wearing a beautiful, cascading silver dress. She rests her arms on the rails of a balcony, her hands cradling a glass filled with tiny bubbles rising in strings like pearls. She stares out over a busy city sprawling away in front of her. Dusk is falling, and the parallel red and white rivers of car lights below have begun to glow in the dimming sun as it falls behind the illuminated face of a towering skyscraper, the spire of which cuts like a knife through a line of low clouds. Light falls across the woman’s back, golden, as if somebody behind her has just opened a door and stepped out onto the balcony. Perhaps they’ve come to place a hand on her shoulder and ask her back in to the party, or perhaps her guests have arrived, or perhaps a friend she hasn’t seen for years is sneaking up to surprise her. She doesn’t seem to notice, though. She is simply staring out over the city, lost in her thoughts. Perhaps she’s just found her perfect job, or perhaps it’s the eve of the opening of her first business. Perhaps it’s the last night of a holiday, the first night in a new home, or the anniversary of some special occasion. Perhaps she’s just looking back over all the years that have led her to where she is today, or perhaps she’s looking ahead with nervous anticipation to where she might be tomorrow. this is not just a picture of a woman – this is a picture of a moment. We may never know what has come before, or is coming next, but we can always tell a special moment by seeing one. It takes dedication to make a moment like this, but when it finally arrives – when your passions become your accomplishments – it’s a moment that speaks entirely for itself.

– Ermisenda