Hi guys, first: apologies that is has taken us so long. We had an expected completion date from our editor that was pushed back four different times. It was super nice of her to do it for free since it supports a charity, but her paying authors had to get her focus. We now have it back and we’re working on the order and flow to give it more personality than just a random collection of stories. We hope you’ll forgive us if we take a little longer making a quality product. This is a really important project and we’re so appreciative to the people who keep asking about it because you help keep it a priority.

We’ve also said there will be a paper back and an ebook. Though we released them separately for Blind Sight, we want to release them at the same time for this. It will take a little time to do the separate formatting, but we really hope to release it this fall. Again, we apologize for the delay. We took on too many projects at once, so if we do it again we’ll reserve time for it so that we do it right.

A special thanks to the many contributors who made this publication possible. We know you put your heart and soul into your writing so we want to make a publication that reflect that. Everyone who participated will get a free ebook in the format of their choice. Please bare with us just a little longer, but feel free to keep asking for updates.


PS, it’s my fault it’s taking so long so please get frustrated at me and not Ermi. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Picture it & Write!