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tumblr_n2n02xNKbY1qeh4apo4_1280 tumblr_n2n02xNKbY1qeh4apo6_1280I found ‘The Little Book of Big Ideas’ on Tumblr and wanted to share its cuteness. Isn’t it so fantastic? Look at the detailed little drawings. This thing is teeny tiny! I believe Art and Such by Evan made it. Isn’t it cool to see these interesting, innovative ideas come to life?

I remember visiting a ‘Tiny bookstore’ in Berlin where all the books were teeny tiny for collectors of teeny tiny books for teeny tiny libraries. I thought it was so cute. Although, I’d imagine you wouldn’t read most of the books since they would strain your eyes unless you had magnifying glass. If I am ever sinfully rich, I’ll definitely be having a teeny tiny library (along with a real library) and treat it like a dollhouse. What do you think of teeny tiny books?

– Ermisenda Alvarez