I have got to start off by saying thank you to Ermisenda for taking over Picture it & Write for me this week. Secondly, I need to thank AB Moving for their part in this adventure. It’s been a while since I last talked about the Thank You Economy, but I have to say, AB Moving is doing it right. There’s nothing like a 6’4 250 lb. guy making gentle cooing noises to sooth my very freaked out cat. It was the highlight of my moving experience.

Moving was a painful experience–mentally, physically, emotionally. You may have noticed quite a few book reviews churned out since the start of the new year. I’ll let you in on a little secret: they were scheduled in advance. Not wanting to pay to have things moved that I could move myself, my new roommates and I packed and moved anything small and light enough to fit in our cars. I don’t know how many trips we made, but I probably should have just paid movers to do it.

So after moving everything we could from Saturday to Tuesday night, and I do mean night, I had Wednesday off to oversee the movers. I looked through my e-mail because I couldn’t remember what time to expect them, and didn’t see any confirmation. Shrugging it off, I e-mailed the owner and made a mental note to go rent a UHAL around 2 if no one showed up. As it turns out, I told the movers the wrong day.

Oh no, no, no, no!

Bless them, they were so kind and understanding. Since it was a Wednesday, there wasn’t a problem getting a team over to move things that day. No one gave me a hard time about it or charged me extra for changing things last minute. The movers were polite and professional. Shira and I both thank that dear man for whispering soothing things to her while she screamed bloody murder in her crate. Shira is a claustrophobic agoraphobic calico so between being locked in her crate and seeing the open door, she was acting like her life would end at any moment.

Everything is moved, the old keys have been turned in, I have a new laptop (the old one was giving me the middle finger, aka the blue screen) and it now has Word! I can post again *sobs happily* and we can continue to edit Blind Sight 2.