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I really wanted to look past this revelation but I can’t. I’m too big of a Harry Potter fan and too hard of a Ron/Hermione shipper. You have been warned. MuggleNet article on the news HERE. It all appears to be true thus far.ron-hermione-1

Many of you may already know about the news where JK Rowling said in an article that she regretted putting Ron and Hermione together as a couple. Emma Watson said that Hermione would have been happier with Harry but there’s no confirmation/evidence for if Rowling agreed.

Ron and Hermione are my biggest and longest standing ship. They’re a big part of why I started writing. While I don’t need JK Rowling to bless it because it is canon (she cannot unwrite her books), it makes me wonder why she bothered telling the newspapers. The Ron and Hermione fans feel betrayed. And the Harry and Hermione fans feel ripped off. They never had their ship acknowledged in the books. I feel like this news has only stirred up the fans and has left shippers a little to a lot frustrated.

While JK Rowling is obviously free to her opinion and her beliefs, I didn’t understand her reasoning against Ron and Hermione. She says they would need relationship counseling. Hell, most YA and romance couples would need this counseling too. Those couples bicker so damn much. Andwe never got many of the intimate Ron and Hermione moments because we only ever saw Harry’s perspective. Just because they bickered as teenagers, who says they wouldn’t have matured? I felt like Ron had matured especially in the later years and in the books. In the movies they always seemed to make his character a little more ‘dumb’ or ‘silly’ which infuriated me. There are many example of couples who bickered while they were younger but fell in love later on. Aren’t nearly ALL young adult romances about a love/hate relationship that eventually falls into love. About opposites. I bet if Ron was more ‘bad boy’ there would have been more people shipping them. Also, the book chemistry between the two was much stronger than the movie chemistry (as always the book wins).

As for Harry/Hermione, I thought them like brother and sister. Harry even says in the last book, “I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me. It’s always been like that. I thought you knew.” But I can’t really nitpick from the books, Rowling would have changed all that. I also think that the main hero getting with the girl from the trio is too big of a clichΓ© anyway (if that is how she imagined it).

While I am trying to let go of any anger or frustration I have about the Ron/Hermione thing, it’s hard to. This is probably going to be only big literary gripe I will ever have. I disliked the epilogue to my favourite and most influential book series (Harry Potter) but I let it go. I accepted it and I enjoyed it as much as I could. But this…it really does feel like a form of invalidation and betrayal. Why couldn’t she just have left it alone? My love of all the canon ships feel unstable now. Like I said, I know I don’t need anyone’s approval even if it’s the author, but I still feel upset about it all. I feel like it has reduced my ability to just envision them happy and together. I just thought she owed it to her fans to leave it alone. I don’t see any “good” that has come from this ‘confession’. I think she just needs to reread the last books and remember the chemistry that they had.

What do you think about this revelation? Do you think Rowling is just looking for attention? (She seems to turn up in the big news every few months.) What has been your most upsetting/infuriating literary revelation?

I also found this little blog post outlining some points about why Ron and Hermione were a great couple for any other Ron/Hermione shippers.

– Ermisenda Alvarez