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So…Eliabeth and I have just about finished our first draft of the second Blind Sight. After the draft comes the editing. The dreaded editing. Sometimes I get energised to edit and other times I really don’t want to do it. It’s a love/hate relationship for me.

Here are the exaggerated stages of me editing in GIF form that hopefully other writers (from fiction to even essays) can hopefully empathise with. For your entertainment!

1. “I don’t want to do it….why me??? Why can’t I write a masterpiece in the first go?”

idontwanna2. I finally accept my fate and put my super-editing face on. I’m going to own this!readyglasses3. I realise the amount of work I have to do.

stare4. When I find a scene I’m so proud of. “I can write!”

proudhug5. When I find a scene I’m ashamed of. “Did I write that piece of crap?

ohmygosh6. There’s too much to fix!keyboardheadsmak7. Rage grows as I wish I could just beat the manuscript into a work of art.Β  “Just work!”rage

8. For a few moments, I forget why I’m writing to start with. What is the point to all of this? Who is going to appreciate all my hard work? Is this all for nothing?cry9. But due to my perseverance and many hours of editing, something amazing happens. I’m actually liking my work! Not only liking it, loving it!itsreallyhappening10. Everything starts falling into place!

imsohappy11. Once I’m finished, I lean back and think, “Well that wasn’t that hard? What was I going on about? Editing is a piece of cake!”

sophisticatedDoes your editing process look anything like this? Like the GIF post? Do you love or hate editing? Comment below!

– Ermisenda Alvarez