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New year, new goals. Did you make a list of New Year Resolutions for 2014?

Did you not complete your new year resolutions last year? Don’t beat yourself up. Only 8% of people actually complete them. But I don’t think this is because people suck at life. I think it’s because people make their lists too long and elaborate. A year isn’t long enough to “fix”your life or complete your entire bucket list. So let’s stay simple and manageable. What are two things you would like to do this year? I think we can manage that together.

Even though I rarely ever make an official list, I like to keep in mind my goals for the year. I know I want to complete the second Blind Sight novel with Eliabeth and also finish my YA book project ‘Desert Queendom’.

What about you? Did you think about things you’d like to complete this year (writing/reading or otherwise)?

– Ermisenda Alvarez