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Have you been participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenges? Eliabeth has!

440,076 participants have pledged to read a total 25,066,003 books averaging 56 books per challenger. As of Eliabeth writing this post, 15,293 people successfully completed their personal challenge, including Eliabeth.

Eliabeth pledged 24 books and managed to squeeze in an extra three. Though that’s less than the 41 books she read in 2012, she didn’t pad this year with short novellas.

2012 books: 41
2012 pages: 8393

2013 books: 27
2013 pages: 9649

The oldest novel read this year was first published in 1850 (The Scarlet Letter). The longest book was 518 pages long (The Time Traveler’s Wife). Much to her surprise, the most read genre was young adult followed not so surprisingly by urban fantasy.

This year saw no 1 star reviews averaging 3.5 stars overall. The top books were:

Together we’ve written a total 98 book reviews!

In addition to pledging 36 books for 2014, Eliabeth has joined a year long challenge in the A-Z Author Challenge 2014 as part of the “Who’s Your Author?” group on Goodreads. The challenge is simple: Use authors’ first or last names. You cannot use middle initials. For the letter “X”, any author with the letter X in his/her name is acceptable including initials.

Already working on scratching through U and V, Eliabeth is finally getting around to finishing The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, but first Divergent by Veronica Roth. Gotta read the book before seeing the movie!

What do you plan on reading in 2014?