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nanowrimoDid you participate in Nanowrimo this year? Did you ‘win’?

Now, now, I know that Nanowrimo winners are meant to get to 50k. So how did I win with 20k? Well, because I wrote more words than I would have otherwise. For those of you who are upset that they didn’t reach 50k, don’t worry. If Nanowrimo encouraged you to write more than you normally would, then that is what matters.

The first time I did Nano, I won with 50k. But the last 25k was just not good enough for me. I’m very happy with the 20k that I wrote this year. Editing will ensue but I will be motivated to do so. I won’t be cringing like I did the first time I ‘won’. I also noticed that my writing fever slowed down when my outline became less detailed. Next year, I will try to keep my outline as detailed as possible until the end. I think that’s what restrained me a little this year. 50k is an ambitious goal but I still won with my more humble 20k. 🙂

Congratulations to all the Nanowrimo winners, 50k+ or under. How many words did you win with?

– Ermisenda Alvarez