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Ermilia Blog has gone over the 1,000 followers hump in the last week. This is great news. We would like to thank everyone who reads, comments, and follows (obviously). It’s so great to read everyone’s contribution to our weekly Picture it & write. But also your thoughts on topics that either I (Ermisenda) or Eliabeth write about.

So we’d love to give something back to our readers in exchange for reaching this follower milestone. What would you like it to be? I was thinking something like answering a number of questions. They could be personal or about writing. A video request could be another option (bloggers have faces/voices??? Yep. We do.). Maybe reading something out aloud. Or nothing at all. The options are open. Be creative people! I (Ermisenda) at the very least will take your questions/requests on board. Eliabeth may be too busy to do/answer them.

Keep reading and writing! Stay as awesome as you all are.

– Ermisenda Alvarez