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Stand Bookstore - New York

Stand Bookstore – New York

I thought this was so funny! I love physical books but this isn’t meant to spark a fight about ‘ebook versus physical books’. Both have their advantages. I just thought this was a great little marketing/advertising idea from the bookstore.

What really caught my eye was how they state that ebooks often cost more than physical books. That truly baffles me. I know it’s because they can charge that price, so why not? But it seems ridiculous. But on the other hand, by keeping ebook prices high, that’s helpful for bookstores so they can still compete.

In Australia, I’m not sure if most bookstores can still truly compete with all their book prices. Our books are very expensive compared to American standards. A paperback is very often $16-$28. If there is a good sale, it might be just below $10.

What are your thoughts on ebook/physical book prices?

– Ermisenda Alvarez